Fun, quirky, irreverent, messy, theatrical, there are many adjectives you could use to describe the ‘hard to categorize’ Psychoholics from San Antonio Texas. 

Constantly evolving and forever changing, this band has been playing, in and around the San Antonio area since 1991. 

Although there have been dozens of members to pass through the band from time to time, the key element is structured around lead singer/songwriter Tim Mrak, who seems to always have a cast of characters and top-notch musicians to fill the stage with presence and great sound. 

Known mostly for their 1996 album “The City That Always Sleeps” featuring songs like ‘Be My Bimbo’ ‘World of Shit’ ‘Mystery Meat’ and ‘Crickets’  

There is another release that was less widely circulated but more artistically advanced, 2006’s “Horseshoes & Handgrenades” featuring songs like ‘Lovable Loser’ ‘ Methlab’ “And So the Story Goes’ which can be found on YouTube. 

2018 finds them working on their most ambitious recording yet, a concept album titled “Thousand Yard Stare” a ten-song collection that tells a story of an American soldier who metaphorically spans the entire history of American warfare. 

Watching the trajectory of this band has been a fascinating study in evolution. 

Starting in 1991 with Ramones style riff rock to today’s sprawling, an album-length concept record that draws from influences like Pink Floyd, Rush or late-period Beatles. 

If you get a chance to see them live, don’t be surprised if they are paired with an old-school metal band which San Antonio is famous for.